What to buy in Zanzibar

A variety of locally produced crafts can be found in the shops and bazaars of Stone Town.

Buying such goods benefits the local community:

  • Embroidered ‘kofia’. These are hats as worn traditionally by Muslim Men
  • Khanga –Cloths for women and Kikoi cloths for men worn as a skirt or a waist wrap
  • Tie and die and Batik materials and table cloths
  • Tinga tinga’ paintings
  • ‘Mkeka’- Woven Mats‘Udi’
  • Incense burners and Candle holders made from clay
  • Zanzibar Spice Baskets
  • Soaps and scented oils
  • Women’s henna body painting available in salons around Stone Town
  • ‘Mkoba’- Woven Baskets
  • Recordings of local music Taarab, Jambo jambo, etcWood carved doors and chests

Business Hours

Shops Opening Times : Monday to Sunday: 09h30-18h00 & Fridays: 09h30-11h30 and 14h00-18h00 Money changes and ATMs are available in Stone Town only.