Honeymoon Special

The place where every romantic couple will be spoilt for choice is Zanzibar Island. The name itself brings about the magic, the mystery, and the blissful beauty. Being on a honeymoon feels like dream when you have your partner by your side to admire the pristine, crystal clear waters, pearl-white sand, and swaying palm trees of the island. Those who’ve done a Zanzibar honeymoon say the island is the place dreams are made of.

Does it sounds too good to be true? Travel to the land of lagoon-like seas and coral beaches to find out for yourself!

Best time to visit Zanzibar for honeymoon: It’s absolutely pleasant from June to October as they are the cool and dry months of spring. Another best time to visit Zanzibar is from December to February when it’s warm and dry; for an African beach holiday means sundrenched shores and the most gorgeous sunsets. Due to heavy rainfall, traveling to Zanzibar from mid-March to late May isn’t recommended.